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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Most Underrated Book of 2013

For his final eighth grade project at Anglican, Christopher conducted an experiment. He took photographs of the backs of the hands of the boys in his class, making a list of the order in which they were taken so that later he could match the hands with their owners. He had them developed, and then a the end of the week, he had the children put their hands behind their backs, and he laid the photos out on a big wooden table at the back of the classroom. Each photograph had a number next to it, and he asked that each boy pick the photograph, by number, of his hands. Some boys had arguments because they both thought one of the pairs of hands was theirs and some hands went unclaimed. There was jostling, joking and making-fun, but not a single child asked Christopher why he was doing this experiment. In the end he tallied how many boys had chosen their own hands, and it was none.

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