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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Snow Queen

Barrett Meeks is walking through Central Park when he looks up and sees a pale aqua light in the night sky. This light takes on enormous significance for Barrrett. He has just been dumped by his lover, has failed to find a career for himself despite his intelligence and education and is now living with his brother Tyler, an addict, and Tyler's dying girlfriend, Beth, in a run down Brooklyn neighbourhood.
Was the light a divine miracle? Is Beth's remission proof? Barrett thinks it might be and turns to religion.The book follows the brothers, Beth and their sophisticated circle of friends over a period of four years. All are middle aged and searching for meaning in their anchorless lives. They seem to bump into people without making any substantive connection. 
It's a short novel and a good one although it never seems to take shape. If you want to read something by Cunningham I recommend The Hours and Specimen Days.

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