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Thursday, March 26, 2015

William Faulkner Resigns From His Post Office Job

William Faulkner became postmaster at the University of Mississippi in 1922 but he was not a stellar employee. He opened the post office on days when it suited him, and closed it when it didn’t, usually when he wanted to go hunting or over to the golf course. He would throw away the advertising circulars, university bulletins and other mail he deemed junk. Eventually he decided he'd had enough or he figured he'd quit before being fired.
As long as I live under the capitalistic system, I expect to have my life influenced by the demands of moneyed people. But I will be damned if I propose to be at the beck and call of every itinerant scoundrel who has two cents to invest in a postage stamp. 
 This, sir, is my resignation.
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