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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Dirty Dust

Photograph: Design Pics/Gareth McCormack/Getty Images/Perspectives
"The clinical term used to be hysterical dependency. Small Irish towns circle around the same old obsessions and gripes and perceived slights for months and years and decades unending, and it is these that unite us, and the sheer depth of the bitterness that sustains us: our neurotic systems are powered to near-bionic levels of happy outrage on the engines of our talk, our bitching and our gossip. Mairtin  O Cadhain’s splendidly batty 1949 novel Crena Cille, translated here by Alan Titley as The Dirty Dust, and from Irish into English for the first time, amounts essentially to 305 pages of such bitching, and in small doses it makes for evil fun."

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