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Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Bizarre Books of George Leonard Herter

George Leonard Herter ran a sporting-goods store in Waseca, Minnesota by day and self-published bizarre cookbooks, travel guides, and hunting books by night.  Each of his many books is brimming with ill will.
"Crap archivist", Alan Scherstuhl,  featured  a review of Herter's repugnant How To Live with a Bitch in his “Studies in Crap” column for the Village Voice.
In the first fifty pages of this pioneering achievement in all-American jack-assery, George Leonard Herter decries the pill as "racial suicide," insists that logic tells us that the nine unmarried apostles had to be masturbators, claims that men are a fine wine but women a whiskey ("The more they age the worse they get"), and offers this explanation for why the bitches that men marry crab so much:
"Murder through continual stress situations is not difficult for some people. Watch out for this in selecting a mate."

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