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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Literary Cocktail Party

Independent Bookstore Day falls on April 29. To celebrate, A Literary Cocktail Party, a limited edition book of cocktail recipes and stories from a selection of writers, will be sold for one day only, exclusively at 470 participating indie bookstores.

Below is Lauren Groff's vodka martini:
I love a Tito’s vodka martini, vermouth wafted swiftly over the surface of the drink, with many extra olives. On Fridays, after my little boys have their piano lessons, we all go out together to a restaurant called The Top a few blocks from our house in Gainesville, Florida. I order one of these, and as soon as I have it in my hand, my whole body relaxes into the weekend. It’s a pure cold burst of relief.
On her first time: I used to drink only beer—I was an intern at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown one summer—then only wine, after I spent a year in France, and then only bourbon after a fellowship year in Louisville, when Pappy VanWinkles was easy to find and cheap-ish. But with kids, I needed something stronger, especially if I was saving up my drinks for Friday nights. I ordered my first vodka martini at The Top shortly after my first son was born, out of post-partum despair, and never looked back. We walk home.
The recipe:
Tito’s vodka
a very cold martini glass, with a few drops of vermouth sprinkled in, then shaken out
6 big olives
Put vodka into a martini shaker with ice, shake for far longer than seems reasonable, pour into the glass, put olives in, drink half immediately, feel better about writing and life as you listen to your children fight in the opposite booth.
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