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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good As Gone

I read this domestic suspense novel by Amy Gentry a while back and neglected to post it here. It's the story of the kidnapping of thirteen-year-old Julie Whitaker from her family home, witnessed only by her little sister. Her family still bears the scars of the traumatic loss and has all but given up hope that she might return. Eight years later a woman shows up at their door claiming to be Julie but as inconsistencies in her story emerge her mother, Anna, begins to have doubts which she sets about resolving by hiring a private investigator.
The story unfolds in alternating first person accounts by Julie and Anna. The reader knows early on that there is something off about Julie's initial story of being imprisoned by the leader of a drug cartel. But what exactly? Is this strange girl Julie Whittaker? What is identity? 
It was a good enough story but did not keep me on the edge of my seat although its sub-title is "A Novel Of Suspense". If you're looking for a thriller this isn't it but Good As Gone does provoke interesting thoughts about loss and hope. 

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