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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

One Poem by Calvin Walds

One Poem by Detroit Poet Calvin Walds:
Adopting Persona
(of) An Ancestor

Insert your brown body into the negative space.
The space between four bodies.
Is the space closed if I touch you?
Black walled gallery.
I’ve been breathing my entire life.
Spilled cold water.
The house is outside. I’m in the house.
If you step outside, you are in the world.
Shatter glass. Steeped light. I’m allergic.
If air touches my lungs they fill.
I want empty lungs.
High beams. Sky walkers.
Who here can walk on air?
I can but eyes see space.
I ran through the door. It closed.
Can you unlock the door? I forgot my keys.
Rub mint into a shea bowl.
Moisture originates. Leaf darkens.
There is space between cell bars.
Sometimes I look through and walk outside.
Notice the use of black space.
Gravity pulls liquid onto floor.
The hallway. Watch, I can run fast.
You watching? I’m going to go.
Look, I ran and came back before you could notice.
Where did I run? Unlock the cell and I can show you.
Hold a deer by its throat.
Empty the contents of its mouth into your hands.
Coarse squares of crust and crystal.
You’d pick a square with a spit-wet finger.
Sit evenly on the chair. Don’t move.
Filtering bronchi. Fine rub seasoning.
Dust, it’s transportable.
I am already a cliche.
Can you close the window for some air?
The pores of our cells close open.
There is no breeze here.

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