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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Family Daughter

Religion, incest and gay sex - oh my! Maile Meloy's second novel about the Santerre family is wide ranging. The story begins with a little girl with chicken pox staying with her grandparents. All of a sudden she grows up and has a sexual relationship with her uncle, said uncle has a relationship with an heiress named Saffron, they all end up in Argentina. Enter an Eastern European whore, a supposed orphan, a French lover and complications ensue, not all of them plausible. In fact the novel resembles a soap opera. When I started reading A Family Daughter I thought it would be an old fashioned American novel but it morphed into something else, I'm not sure what exactly. Too many viewpoints, at least in my view. Nonetheless I read it and enjoyed it. Not a keeper though.

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