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Monday, April 01, 2013

The Forgotten Waltz

The Forgotten Waltz is a novel about modern adultery by Irish author and 2007 Man Booker winner Anne Enright. Gina Moynihan, a married IT professional, is the protagonist. She keeps telling us how much she loves Sean, also married and the father of a daughter with "problems". The affair starts in the boom years of the Irish economy. The air leaks out of the economy as the novel progresses. Gina is superficial, Sean is a philanderer and the novel is more boring that listening to your friends, many of whom, if they're at all like mine, are going through similar experiences. I don't understand why either party would sacrifice their mediocre marriages for a relationship which neither of them seems particularly passionate about. Nothing much happens in this novel. We know from the get go that Gina and Sean leave their spouses, end up living together and that Sean's daughter creates tension between them.  It is elegantly written and I didn't want to hurl it aside. However if you have not read Anne Enright start with The Gathering; it's a better narrative and left me feeling more satisfied.

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