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Monday, June 24, 2013

Virginia Woolf's Family Newspaper

In 1923, early in her writing career, Virginia Woolf, was asked to contribute to a small family newspaper which her teenage nephews, Julian and Quentin Bell — sons of Woolf’s sister,  Bloomsbury Group artist Vanessa Bell - wanted to publish.
The Charleston Bulletin became a series of submissions written by Woolf and illustrated by Quentin.
Below is Woolf and Bell’s portrait of Trisy, the household’s cook of haphazard culinary talent:

"When in a good & merry mood, Trisy would seize a dozen eggs & a bucket of flour, coerce a cow to milk itself, & then mixing the ingredients toss them 20 times high up over the skyline, & catch them as they fell in dozens & dozens & dozens of pancakes."

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