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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Scrapbooks of Ernest Hemingway's Mother

On Ernest Hemingway’s 112th birthday, the John F. Kennedy Library (which has an extensive Hemingway collection) released, in partnership with the author's foundation, five scrapbooks made by Grace Hall Hemingway, his mother.

This letter is sweet:
Dear Mother,
I got your card thanks very much. Our Train was 2.25 minutes late!! so no school.
The Program is all changed around lunch at a different time and alot of other changes. There was a report circulated around that I was drowned and some of my pals thot I was a ghost. May I PLEASE have SOME LONG PANTS. Every other Boy in our class has them, Lewie Clarahan Ignatz smith and every other little shrimp. My pants are so small every time I wiggle I think they are going to split. And I have about 8 or Ten inches of wrist below me cuffs thusly.
Please say I can have them long ones.
Your drowned son
Ernest Hemingway
P.S. My shirt buttons all fly off when I take a full Breath
Via  The Hairpin

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