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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wild Raspberries: Young Andy Warhol’s Little-Known Vintage Cookbook

Interior designer, Suzy Frankfurt and Andy Warhol decided to collaborate on a series of handmade books that mocked the fashionable, mass-produced French cuisine cookbooks popular in the 1950s. Frankfurt wrote some recipes, Warhol illustrated them with his Dr. Martin’s paints, and his mother did the calligraphy. Wanting all the books to be hand-colored, they hired four boys who lived upstairs to come down every afternoon and do the coloring. So painstaking was the process that they were only able to produce 34 full-color books, which they took downtown for the rabbis to do the hand-binding.
Publishers were not interested in the book and it laid dormant for nearly 50 years until Frankfurt’s son, Jaime, discovered the cultural treasure in his mother’s papers and published it in 1997.

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