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Monday, December 08, 2014

How to Tell If You Are in an Alice Munro Story

  • Your sister met a man once. He loved her despite — or perhaps because of — her chronic illness. 
  • He is your husband now. You have no children. 
  • Nothing has ever happened to you except one thing, decades ago.

    You are having an affair with a married man. His sister knows, and hates you. She has volunteered to drive you back to town. 
  • You see the man you once thought you’d marry. 
  • He is married to someone less attractive than you. But aren’t you both less attractive now, after all this time? 
  • You are thoughtful, well-read, and ruthlessly practical. You never marry. 
  • You went to a place once. Decades later, you return under very different circumstances. 
  • You see truths about people that no one in your small Canadian town wants to admit. A married man can sense this about you, and he offers to take you for a drive.


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