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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elizabeth Is Missing

Maud's memory isn't what it used to be but she does know that her friend, Elizabeth has disappeared. She is sure about this because she read it in one of the notes she keeps to remind her of things. Maud is a most unreliable narrator because she has dementia. She insists that there is something sinister about her friend's disappearance and continues to investigate despite the fact that her daughter, caregivers and even the police discourage her from doing so.
Maud's sister, Sukey, also disappeared many years ago and was never heard from again. What happened to the two women? Is there a connection between the two disappearances?
Emma Healey has written a fascinating debut novel. She writes compassionately about the confusion of dementia but injects a little humour that lightens what could have been a been a very depressing story. Maud is a lovable heroine who sticks to her guns even if she forgets why she's dug in her heels. Elizabeth Is Missing is a well-crafted whodunit and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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