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Saturday, June 18, 2016


This novel by Graham Swift was published nine years ago. When I saw it recently I snapped it up because  I consider The Light Of Day and Final Orders to be damn fine novels.
Paula Hook is having a sleepless night. Tomorrow is the birthday of her sixteen-year-old twins and it is the day she and her beloved husband, Mike, have decided to disclose a secret to them. What dark secret can they have been guarding all these years? So dark that she is compelled to subject us to an internal address to her sleeping children that goes on and on without revealing anything until past the point where I cared any more.
When we finally discover what has been eating her up over the years it turns out to be such a trifling matter that I felt cheated. The secret that had been dangled before me like a prize, the bombshell that would change all their lives forever, is that the couple was infertile (actually Mike was) and the twins were conceived by artificial insemination. That's it. I kid you not. Now you don't have to waste time reading it.

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