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Monday, March 06, 2017

Rachel Cusk and the semiautobiographical novel

Transit, is Rachel Cusk's new semiautobiographical novel.
"Cusk, in this interview, speaks of frustration with the novel form, and of a concomitant sense that her autobiographical forays were finished, even though “I’m certain autobiography is increasingly the only form in all the arts. Description, character—these are dead or dying in reality as well as in art,” she said. As a writer, her response was to forge a new form for her work, a sort of in which the first-person narrator is largely absent or erased, serving chiefly as the recorder of the lives—or more accurately, the stories of the lives—of others."
I have read two other novels by Rachel Cusk (Saving Agnes and Outline) and had mixed feelings about them at the time. The characters seemed emotionally removed and I was frustrated by their failure to behave in a way I could understand. But, over time, bits of these novels appear in my mind out of nowhere. Transit is a followup to Outline, the second of a planned trilogy and I'm game to give it a whirl.

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