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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Living at Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes' "Poetical" Boston Address

They moved to 9 Willow Street in September of 1958, with the intention of spending all their free time writing. Sixty years later, in September of 2018, Jessica Vestuto moved into the same building with the same intention.
"In person, the studio looked remarkably like its picture online, which immediately made me trust the room, gave me reason to believe it had good intentions. There is no kitchen, but a kitchenette—a small oven, half-fridge, and bar sink. There is no closet, but a tall cabinet with a rod running across the top. The walls are pale yellow, a color you could imagine a person choosing with the hope of “opening the space up.” You cannot play hide-and-seek in this room. You cannot wash a sheet pan in the kitchen sink. You can, however, vacuum in less than 10 minutes."
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