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Monday, May 21, 2012

Roddy Doyle on the Death of Robin Gibb

On Roddy Doyle's Facebook page today:

-See the second-last of the Bee Gees is after dyin’.

-I used to have one o’ them suits.


-One o’ the white ones. Like John Travolta’s.

-They weren’t a bad oul’ band.

-Wha’ fuckin’ eejit ever decided tha’ white suits were a good idea?
-Well, you had one.
-Fuck off. I had to – I’d no choice. The weddin’.
-D’yeh still have it?
-Not at all. The state of it – after the weddin’, like. It was never goin’ to be white again. Or even grey.
-They’d some good songs.
-They’d some big teeth as well.
-D’yeh know wha’? You’re a heartless cunt.
-How am I?
-The man dies an’ all you can say –
-Fuck up a minute now. Hear me out.
-Go on.
-The songs are great. No question. I’ve Got To Get A Message To You, Night Fever, How Do Yeh Mend A Broken Heart –
-Did they write tha’ one?
-There now. I know more about them than you fuckin’ do. They’ll live a long time – the songs. An’ so will the teeth. Long after the rest of him is gone. That’s all I’m sayin’.
-Well, it’s depressin', isn’t it? The teeth might last longer than the songs.

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