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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey by Doctor Seuss

Here there are spoilers,
Of a lewd little tail,
About a man named Christian,
His last name not Bale.
Oh the places you'll go!
Under whipdoozles and chainflams,
Into crosswhizzles and jimjams!
Into bondage and bruising,
And handcuffs and lugrams!
Miss Steele, you see,
Was a prudish young lass.
Met a man name Grey
Who laid claim to her ass.
She fell in love with him,
And fell in love quick.
Loved him for his nature,
Not his money, or dick.
A playroom he has,
The color of red,
Full of whipsmackers and butt pluggers,
And a lavish nice bed.
The two go on,
Fucking and such,
Until Ana thinks,
It might be too much.
His gifts they are lavish,
And his love it is savage,
But when she asks for a true taste of BDSM,
It's more than she can manage!
Devastated she flees,
Back to her roommate,
She explains this problem,
With her dear old friend Kate.
The novel ends there,
Their views sitting unequal.
But never you fret.
They're back in the sequel!
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