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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Don Dreams and I Dream by Leah Umansky

Leah Umansky’s chapbook both celebrates and transcends its subject, the iconic Mad Men television series. You don’t have to love or even know the show to go where Umansky takes us in this scathing dissection of American advertising, pop culture, and gender.

I'm watching back episodes of Mad Men and it's re-kindled my ill-fated crush on Don Draper. This book would make a perfect reading companion.

Here's an example of what's inside:

Love is just an advertisement…
                             —Mad Men (season 1)
It's a madmadmadmad world.
Everything can be manufactured, sold and bought, but love,
love is the mold. You sure could have a lot of fun with this.
In the material world, objects are marked up from face value.
The confusion of client services is merely based on articles,
like he and she. You can find anything on the internet:
even beauty. Advertising is based on happiness.
                                                                           Be happy.
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