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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Homes of Ten Literary Greats

Referred to by the writer as his "inaccessible literary stronghold," Yasnaya Polyana in Tula, Russia, was where Leo Tolstoy was born, wrote such novels as War and Peace and Anna Karenina, and was eventually buried. Photo: Joeri De Rocker/Alamy

May 1946, George Orwell and his son arrived at the Barnhill Farmhouse in Jura, Scotland, so the writer, in rapidly deteriorating health, could complete his final, most successful novel, 1984.
Photo: Christopher Cormack/Corbis

In 1897 Edith Wharton published her first book, The Decoration of Houses(coauthored with Ogden Codman Jr.), in which she champions spirited interior design "as a branch of architecture." Decorating the interior and surrounding grounds of the Mount (erected in 1902), in Lennox, Massachusetts, Wharton took immense pride in the proportion, harmony, simplicity, and sustainability of her estate. The first woman ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, she became an influential figure in early-20th-century residential design as well.
Photo: Gordon Mills/Alamy
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