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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

True Stories Of Soviet Cuisine

As the Soviet Union struggled along the path to Communism, food supplies were often sporadic and shortages commonplace. The CCCP Cookbook: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine, by Olga and Pavel Syutkin offers a glimpse of what people ate in pre-WW2 Russia. Recipes and photographs from original Soviet cookbooks show us what it would have been like to have dinner dictated by the State.

Shashlik, skewered meat cooked over an open fire, and associated with the Caucasus region. 

Suckling Pig with Buckwheat. Suckling pig was a traditional Russian dish that was featured
as part of a meal in Chekhov's 1892 novel The Wife.

Anastas Mikoyan helped bring mass production of ice cream to the USSR in the
1930s after visiting the United States. His interest was noted by Stalin, who said,
"You, Anastas, care more about ice cream, than about communism."
Still, the cone above is embellished with the letters CCCP.

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